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About Us

When you talk about Tyres, it’s Hindustan Abhikaran. Yes. Just talk to any of the thousands of our satisfied customers and you’ll hear the same answer. Having established at Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, we started our latest wing at PUNE, and growing our customer base. Thanks to our team of trained technicians who think of nothing else than QUALITY SERVICE and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Just visit our show room at Sinhagad Road, and experience the same.

Our Services

Tyre Fitment

We undertake fitment of all types of tyres for all types of Vehicles. Right from a simple two wheeler to as massive as a Truck. The fitments are done with the latest ultra modern equipment

Wheel Balancing

Perfectly balanced, true running wheels are an important factor, making for easy steering and maximum Tyre life. A Tyre when mounted on a wheel of a car and driven at an average highway speeds

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is the checking and correcting of various angles of a car’s suspension for better vehicle stability, better driving comfort and safety to reduce the wear and tear to its minimal.        

Nitrogen Air

We offer Nitrogen Filling service for Tyres instead of Plain Air. As Nitrogen leaks just 0.5 pounds per month against 2.5 pounds for that of air, Nitrogen maintains the pressure fairly well.


Just bring-in your car, have a cup of coffee while our expert team takes care of

Tyre Fitment, Wheel Balancing and Alignment in record 22 minutes.

I would like to sincerely and whole heartedly thank Mr. Abhay Pahade of Hindustan Abhikaran today. I had given my bike to him for steam cleaning and detailing. As I use this bike for long rides it had become very dirty and how much I washed it the same could not look like before. But with just one session of steam cleaning and detailing, it is looking just like I have purchased it from showroom yesterday. The work is so amazing and meticulously done that you wonder whether it is the same old bike or a brand new one. I would definitely recommend each one of you to avail the services of steam cleaning and detailing from Mr. Abhay as they are not only great and awesome but also cost effective.

– G. B. Panse & Associates (Advocate)

I am pleased with the services and the faculties provided by Mr. Abhay. It felt great dealing with him due to high professional approach. He was transparent and handled my queries with care. I wish him a great way ahead. Thank you Mr. Abhay for all your support!

Hemant Sarda